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Monthly Revenue


Unit:NT$ thousand

Item Net Operating
Current Month 959
Same Period Last Year 2,364
Amount Inc / Dec -1,405
Amount Inc / Dec Rate -59.43%
YTD 22,182
Prior YTD 7,705
Amount Inc / Dec 14,477
Amount Inc / Dec Rate 187.89%

1. If the value exceeds 999999.99 or the denominator is zero (cannot be calculated) then the percentage of increase or decrease of each item will be expressed as 999999.99.
2. Consolidated operating income is the figure obtained after partial elimination of duplication of operating income between the parent subsidiary and each subsidiary.
3. As of January of 2006, the various operating incomes of the financial industry have been reported in net terms, and the net operating income is referred to "net income."
4. IFRSs have been applied to the financial industry under the supervision of listed companies, counter companies, and the financial management committee since 2013; non-listed companies listed on the counter (including the non-financial and investment control subsidiaries of the company's If the company is a public company), IFRSs will be applicable since 2015. In conjunction with the implementation of IFRSs, operating income is reported as consolidated operating income; if there is no subsidiary, it is reported as individual operating income; the same applies to those who voluntarily use IFRSs in advance.
5. As of January 2013, the operating income of the financial holding industry is reported on a net basis in conjunction with the implementation of IFRSs, and its net operating income is referred to as "net income."