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Corporate Governance

Internal Audit

The organization and Operation of Internal Audit


The internal audit unit is subordinate to the Board of Directors, with one internal auditor and one deputy auditor, which meet the qualifications set by the Financial Supervision and Administration Commission. The auditor and the deputy shall participate in continue education each year, provide timely improvement suggestions to ensure the continuous and effective implementation of various systems, and assist the management to achieve the company's development goals.



  • The annual auditing poan is proposed according to the risk assessment. After the Board of Directors passes the plan, the auditing will be performed and the internal audit reports and follow-up reports will be issued. After submission, the reports will be submitted to independent directors and supervisors for review, as well as oral report to the Board of Directors to the present directors.

  • The self-assessment form for the effectiveness of internal control of each unit is reviewed every year in accordance with regulations, and the self-assessment form and audit report results are summarized to provide the basis for the issuance of the internal control statement, which is published in the annual report and public brochure in accordance with the regulations.

  • The annual internal audit plan, the information of the auditors, the implementation of the annual audit plan, the lack of internal control and the improvement of abnormal matters, etc. shall be reported in accordance with the regulations of the competent authority.