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Corporate Governance


Lumosa's Administrative Division is responsible for corporate social responsibility plans and regularly reports to the board of directors. A code of practice for corporate social responsibility has been formulated, and corporate social responsibility related training is regularly promoted at inter-departmental meetings. In order to actively care about climate change issues and fulfill its corporate social responsibility, Lumosa actively implements power saving and waste reduction policies in the course of operations to reduce the impact of company operations on climate change.

Corporate Social Responsibility Operations in 2020: 
Lumosa staffs have been teaching courses in the biomedical departs of various universities for 7 years now, sharing new drug development experience and career planning courses. Lumosa dedicated a total of 6 classes, or 12 hours, to teaching. To call for staffs' concerns in ecological and environmental issues and to protect the marine ecological environment, Lumosa participated in the beach cleaning activity of Shimendong on the norther Taiwan coast on December 19, 2020. A total of 8 colleagues and 10 family members went along and cleared 12 bags of refuse in half day.
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Lumosa Therapeutics: Our Commitment to ESG

At Lumosa, we firmly believe that a company's responsibilities to go far beyond its busines, which is to develop solutions for patients who are in urgent need of treatment for neurological and oncological diseases. We arecommitted to practicing the principles of Environmenta, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and integrating them into our business strategic planning and corporate vision.

Environmental Management

In the process of developing new drugs to meet unmet medical needs, we always pay attention to the Company's environmental footprint. We try our best to reduce resource consumption, such as saving electricity, and promote material reuse and recycling in our operations. Our commitment to environmental management demonstrates the Company's determination to pursue sustainable operations.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility is reflected in the corporate spirit of "caring for life and selfless dedication." Although Lumosa is not currently involved in specific public welfare activities, the core mission is to meet unmet medical needs, which is in line with important social goals and aims to improve the quality of life of patients around the world.

Corporate Governance

Lumosa complies with Taiwan's corporate governance regulations to ensure transaction transparency and ethics. Our internal controls, such as preventing insider trading, further enhance fairness. We are committed to supporting shareholder communications, board oversight, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. In line with this commitment, we have appointed a head of corporate governance in June 2023.

Outlook for the ESG Journey

The ESG journey is a process of continuous review and improvement. We are committed to practicing sustainable management, which not only helps the company grow, but also has a positive impact on stakeholders, including investors, business partners and employees.

We sincerely invite you to join this journey and witness our integration of ESG spirit into corporate culture, demonstrating our firm commitment to caring for life, selfless dedication and sustainable management.

Human Rights Policiy and Concrete Management Plan

The Company has developed work rules, holds regular labor-management meetings, and establishes labor agreements in accordance with guiding principles based on the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights," "UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights," and "International Labor Organization." These actions aim to safeguard workers' rights. Additionally, the Company has formulated a code of ethical conduct to ensure employee adherence to moral standards and to protect the interests of suppliers. It mandates that business partners comply with relevant norms and local government regulations, refrain from harming labor rights, and avoid employing child labor or exploiting local or migrant workers. To ensure compliance, the Company has also established relevant regulations and a confidential reporting channel for reporting misconduct or expressing concerns.

In addition to actively implementing human-centered management and various welfare measures, the Company has established performance development plans and guidelines for promotion and job rotation in the employee handbook, ensuring that operational performance is appropriately reflected in employee compensation.

To ensure the safety and health of workers and prevent occupational accidents, the Company has established the "Safety and Health Work Guidelines" based on Article 34 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Article 41 of the Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which employees are required to follow. In accordance with Article 23 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, safety and health management personnel have been appointed.
  • The Company subsidizes all employees for regular health check-ups annually, ensuring employee health management.
  • Fire safety inspections are conducted annually in coordination with the building management committee, along with participation in fire safety drills and education.
  • Dry powder fire extinguishers are appropriately placed in all public spaces of the Company, with periodic inspections and maintenance of all fire protection system equipment as required.
  • HVAC equipment inspections are carried out in cooperation with the building management committee to maintain indoor air quality and ensure colleagues' physical well-being.
  • Access control is enforced in the Company, requiring employees and visitors to swipe cards or undergo verification to enter.
  • The Company's laboratory waste liquids and bio-waste are properly contained and temporarily stored.

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  • Proper Disposal of Unwanted Medicines

Proper Disposal of Unwanted Medicines

Location:  Nangang Software Park II Atrium (No. 3, Park Street, Nangang District, Taipei)

Dispose unwanted medicines properly 

Antibiotics or hormones contained in unwanted medicines may pollute rivers and water resources if dumped directed in sink or flushed in the toilet. The pharmacists at the St. Martin De Porres Hospital stated that medicines that do not pollute may be thrown in the trash to be burned. However, drugs with higher toxicity such as anticancer drugs may cause environmental pollution and should be brought back to the hospitals and clinics for proper disposal. The safest way is to bring all the unwanted medicines to the hospitals, clinics or community pharmacies to be processed by the professional staffs. Pharmacists at the Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital indicated that patients may follow the "six steps in reclamation of unwanted medicines" to discard the medicines properly.