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Naldebain Approved by Singapore HSA

Lumosa is pleased to announce the market approval of LT1001 (Naldebain®), an extended-release analgesic injection, from Singapore’s Health Science Agency (HSA). Being one of the regulatory reference countries, HSA's approval has significance in accelerating the marketing of LT1001 in the rest of ASEAN member states. Applications for drug approval were also submitted to the health authorities of other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. Applications to the rest of ASEAN countries will soon follow.

LT1001 is an extended-release analgesic injection indicated for the relief of moderate to severe post-operative pain for up to 7 days. Compare to morphine, oxycodone and other commonly used analgesic agents for similar indications, LT1001 is much safer and has no abuse potential; these characteristics mark a unique market position for LT1001.