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Patent for Lumosa's Extended-Release Analgesic Granted by Taiwan IPO

(August 10, 2020; Taipei) Lumosa Therapeutics (Lumosa; code: 6535.TWO) announced today the granting of formulation patent for its extended-release analgesic injection, LT1001 (brand name: Naldebain®); the patent is valid until 2036.


Lumosa’s LT1001 formulation patent was first granted by the USPTO in 2019; the similar patents granted this year by Russian and Taiwan patent offices, respectively, further strengthening the marketing niche of the product and oversea licensing potentials. The global patent strategy for the drug product is well planned with pending applications submitted in other major markets such as EU, China and Japan. These patents would elevate commercial value of the product in international licensing deal.


For patients who underwent major surgeries, post-operative analgesia and pain management determine the patient’s post-operative wellness, quality of life and rate of recovery. LT1001 is the world’s first week-long extended-release analgesic injection. It is a prodrug of Nalbuphine, a drug with well-established safety profile, in a patented extended-release formulation to offer up to 7 days of analgesic effect. The drug can avoid repeated dosing, lessen healthcare burden, and reduce hospitalization time. In addition, LT1001 is less addictive, having better safety profile, and is able to be used concomitantly with other anesthetic or analgesic agents. These advantages allow LT1001 occupies a unique market position when compared to the existing medicines currently on the market.


Lumosa is dedicated in building a niche product by aiming at the unmet medical needs of the global analgesic market. The company is rapidly conducting regional expansions of LT1001; the drug has been successfully licensed in Taiwan, ASEAN countries, China and Switzerland. Collaboration opportunities in the US and Korean markets are currently under way. Further, our Southeast Asian partner has submitted NDA applications to health authorities of Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia; we may expect fruitful results by next year. On the veterinary side, Lumosa has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with an American veterinary drug development company, Skyline Vet Pharma (SVP), granting the development and marketing rights of the drug product in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As the future prospect of animal analgesic looks optimistic, Lumosa will work with SVP to expand product value and explore further commercial opportunities.