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LT3001 Received Formulation Patent from USPTO

Lumosa Therapeutics announced today (July 26th) that its LT3001, a novel drug for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke, received patent approval from the USPTO, extending the patent protection period until 2040. This critical patent will help prolong the post-launch patent protection and enhance the international licensing value of LT3001.

LT3001 is a First-in-Class innovative drug designed for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke, having both thrombolysis and neuroprotective effects. The comprehensive patent portfolio covers major global markets. The compound patent for LT3001 has been approved in most countries, with a patent expiry of 2034. Additional patents for drug formulation and administration methods are currently under review in several countries. The newly obtained drug formulation patent will further extend the patent protection period for LT3001 until 2040.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death, ranking only behind heart disease and cancer, accounting for 10% of global mortality. In 2019, there were 7.63 million new cases of ischemic stroke worldwide, affecting an estimated 77 million people. Stroke was responsible for the death of 3.48 million people globally in the same year.

Three Phase II clinical trials were planned for LT3001, including multi-dose administration of LT3001 for as a standalone treatment and in combination with thrombectomy devices. These trials are being conducted in Taiwan, the US, Europe, and China. We aim to explore various potential therapeutic effects of LT3001 by conducting clinical investigations at various sites simultaneously. This will provide robust support for subsequent international market opportunities and Phase III clinical trials.

About Lumosa Therapeutics
Lumosa Therapeutics Co., Ltd. (Lumosa) is a drug development company that focuses on scientific licensing and co-development collaboration to build sustainable pipelines under its “reSEARCH and DEVELOPMENT” model. Lumosa selects novel drug candidates with strong scientific rationale and high feasibility of technical success for further development before out-licensing. The company’s focus is on Large- and small-molecule treatment for CNS and oncology.
Lumosa’s pipeline includes the extended-release analgesic injection Naldebain® (approved in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand,  Malaysia, and Ukraine), LT3001, a new chemical entity for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke currently under Phase 2 trial, and exosomes. Please visit the Lumosa website for details.