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Lumosa Therapeutics Announces an Out-License Agreement with Pakistan’s AJM Pharma for LT1001

Lumosa Therapeutics (Lumosa) is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement for its extended-release analgesic, LT1001 with Pakistan's AJM Pharma (AJM). Under the terms of the agreement, AJM will be responsible for the registration, marketing, and sales of LT1001 in Pakistan, while Lumosa will supply the drug to AJM.

LT1001 is a revolutionary drug that offers extended-release pain relief for up to 7 days after surgery, making it a crucial tool in the management of postoperative pain. Besides Pakistan, Lumosa has successfully out-licensed LT1001 in Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia, Ukraine, South Korea, and Jordan. Approval was received from Taiwan FDA in 2016, from Singapore HSA in December 2020, from the Thai FDA in December 2021, and from the Malaysian FDA in June 2022. 

This partnership between Lumosa and AJM is a significant milestone for both companies. Lumosa's expertise in drug development combined with AJM's experience in registration, marketing, and sales of pharmaceutical products in Pakistan, will make LT1001 widely available to patients across the country.

"We are excited to partner with AJM Pharma to bring LT1001 to Pakistan," said Mr. Jung-Chin Lin, CEO of Lumosa. "Our goal has always been to develop drugs that can make a real difference in people's lives, and we believe LT1001 has the potential to do just that. With AJM's experience and expertise, we are confident that LT1001 will become an essential tool in managing postoperative pain in Pakistan."

The licensing agreement between Lumosa and AJM Pharma is a significant step towards making LT1001 available to patients in Pakistan. The companies are confident that this partnership will lead to positive outcomes for patients and healthcare providers alike, and will help to address the unmet need for effective postoperative pain relief in the country.