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Lumosa Attending the 2023 International Stroke Conference

Lumosa team is proud to be at the 2023 Interntional Stroke Conference to share the latest developme t in stroke treatment.  

The Global Stroke Factsheet released in 2022 reveals that the lifetime risk of developing a stroke has increased by 50% over the last 17 years and now 1 in 4 people is estimated to have a stroke in their lifetime. One of the limitations of using thrombolytics is its narrow treatment window of up to 4.5 hours. Furthermore, the treatment carries life-threatening risks. Therefore, there is a need for new and effective treatments for acute ischemic stroke. 
A stroke is devastating to the patient's life. It is the leading cause of long-term disability. Furthermore, family members may struggle to adapt to a caregiving role, and relationships between stroke survivors and those closest to them are often altered by the illness. stroke type, admission delays, stroke severity, and advanced age may prevent the patient from receiving the treatment.
Lumosa's LT3001 is a novel multifunctional molecule designed to open the blood vessel and protect the tissue from reperfusion injury. A Phase 2a study was conducted in the US and Taiwan on subjects with acute ischemic stroke who had stroke symptom onset within 24 hours. No sICH was reported in subjects and LT3001 showed potential for neurological improvement and better functional outcomes.