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LT1001 Formulation Patent Granted by JPO

(November 16th, 2021, Taipei) Lumosa Therapeutics (Lumosa; code: 6535.TWO) is informed by the patent attorney the granting of the formulation patent for LT1001, a long-acting analgesic injection, by Japan Patent office. The patent term expires om May 27th, 2036. The formulation protected by the Japanese patent is a sustained release formulation comprised of a prodrug. After administration, the formulation can release the active ingredient, nalbuphine, to achieve a sustained analgesic effect that was clinically proven to last up to 7 days.

Lumosa filed patent application for LT1001 in 20 jurisdictions. Currently, LT1001 patent was granted by the patent offices of the United States, Russia, Taiwan, India, Singapore, China and Japan. Patent applications in other major markets such as Europe are under examination.