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Lumosa CEO's Interview by Kevin Price on the Price of Business Show

Lumosa, a publicly listed biotech company in Taiwan, is dedicated to the development of novel therapies and solutions for neurological diseases with urgent unmet medical need. We actively engage in scientific licensing and enterprise collaboration, building novel drug product lines through leveraging our broad global network and drug development competency.

Lumosa’s mission is to enrich patients’ quality of life through pioneering medical science and a commitment to remain genuine and ever evolving. Central to this mission is our objective to develop our novel drug, LT3001, for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke, a medical condition for which additional therapies are greatly needed. We are seeking global partners to take part in the later phase of development which might represent the most impactful clinical trial in the history of stroke treatment.

Stroke is a disease with significant global unmet medical need. There are 15 million people worldwide who suffer a stroke each year and approximately 6 million stroke-caused deaths in the world per year. Although the standard of care medication and surgery are available, still 80% of stroke patients are left with no other treatment options or without desired outcomes.

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