Mission and Milestones

About Lumosa

Mission and Milestones

Lumosa Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of innovative new drugs for the treatment of unmet medical needs in the fields of neurological and inflammatory diseases.

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Search and develop candidates with differentiating potential

Lumosa Therapeutics is actively engaged in scientific licensing and new drugs development under a “reSEARCH and DEVELOPMENT” model. Instead of starting from “drug discovery” which requires tremendous time and resource investment, we “search” for candidates with strong scientific rationale and high feasibility of technical success, and progress them to novel therapies via inventive and effective development programs. Through the integration of translational research, project management with subject matter experts, patent portfolio and licensing strategy in product lifecycle management at an early stage, we look to optimize the development process and maximize the value of our products

Becoming the innovator in Taiwanese biotech industry

Lumosa Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of innovative new drugs for the treatment of unmet medical needs in the fields of neurological and inflammatory diseases. We have a very capable multi-functional team that covers translational research, CMC, preclinical, clinical development, project management, regulatory affairs, intellectual property and business development. We integrated project management with subject matter experts to efficiently identify, select and develop novel drug products with global market potential, and seek international partners for collaboration in clinical trial and/or product development.

Dedicated to the contribution of social responsibilities and the lowering of healthcare costs

To address the exigent and rising unmet medical needs, Lumosa Therapeutics diligently make effort in developing drugs treating the life-threatening diseases and improving patients’ quality of life. We expect ourselves to make contribution to the patients and our society by bringing better therapies to lower the healthcare expenditures as well as creating greater benefits and prospect for our shareholders and employees.

Aiming to be the leader in novel drug development, and one of the most trustworthy biotech company

Lumosa has extensive experience in the development of novel therapy with high efficiency
  • Development of novel drugs with unmet medical needs

    Dedicated to the reSearch and Development of new drugs for neurological and inflammatory diseases

  • Comprehensive pipeline

    Establish sustainable and balanced new drug pipeline and project portfolio

  • Grow and maximize the value of our products

    Focused on innovation and optimization to achieve maximized product value

  • Best partner in collaboration

    Lumosa strives to be your best partner in new drug development



Merger with TPG Biologics

The merger greatly enhance Lumosa's operation efficiency and expands its R&D capability that TPG holds in the novel biologic drug development such as protein design and cell line. Lumosa will search and develop both small and large molecule novel drug candidates under the "reSearch and Development" model. The merger will draw significant synergy from both companies and enrich the product pipeline, in turn, greatly strengthen the competitiveness of Lumosa.

Listed on the Over-the-Counter Stock

Lumosa is listed on the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Stock of Taipei Exchange; symbol:TPEx6535

Listed on the Emerging Stock Board

Lumosa is listed on the Emerging Stock Board of Taipei Exchange; symbol:TPEx6535.

Merger and Name Change to Lumosa Therapeutics

Lumosa Therapeutics Co., Ltd was launched on June 20, 2014 with a merge by SunTen Phytotech Co., Ltd., Cheng Pang Biopharma Company and BroadCan Company. An expanded R&D portfolio and talents were integrated to focus on the development of innovative new drugs.

Refocusing on the Development of Small Molecules

SunTen Phytotech refocused its R&D effort in the development for small molecules of traditional Chinese medicine origin. The company invited new investors and hired new management team.

SunTen Phytotech Established

Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Company (STP), one of the largest patented herbal extract manufacturer in Taiwan, formed SunTen Phytotech Co. (STPT) by combining its own R&D Department and Brion Research Institute. The mission of STPT was to develop novel drugs of botanical nature that meet international standards.

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